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We are here to understand social media and make research better

The Social Media Research Centre develops our own research avenues, examining core areas of social media's impact. We develop and publish reports of interest to governments, media organisations, charities and think tanks. We are experts in taking research from inception to completion.

We help others carry out their social media research. We offer consultancy on data gathering, analysis methods, ethics and report building. We also provide political consultancy so that the reports made can make the best impacts.

We are here to help you examine social media and how they are affecting the world

We have vast experience in a range of fields from political communications online, to data gathering of social network data. We know how to get the data you need, how to answer the questions you have and make the best impacts possible from social media research. The Social Media Research Centre is here to help you understand the world of social media in an ethical and rigorous way. Social network study of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has never been so important and so we are here to help you.

We are interested in themes such as:

  • Digital democracy and participation

  • Digital journalism and online citizen media

  • Online activism, hacktivism and digital protest

  • Big data and algorithmic decision-making

  • Digital culture and the creative economy

  • Surveillance and freedom of expression online

  • Novel online communities

  • The political economy of digital media

  • News consumption

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Tristan is our lead, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Bath, holds two Master’s degrees from the Universities of Bath and Durham, alongside a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Exeter. 

Tristan is an expert on Facebook, social media, engagement, content, party politics and campaigning. He utilises a combination of quantitative and qualitative skills to examine social media. His work has been featured published in academic reports, books and blogs, alongside being seen in media such as the BBC, New York Times, Reuters, Guardian, Evening Standard and The Economist.

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Anton is a marketing master, with expertise in sports advertising. He has managed talent contracts and international sport stars. Created from scratch marketing avenues and has all round expertise in making social media make money. Anton knows how to use social media data to get the best outcomes, he has made lots of content go viral. He  has completed a degree in sports journalism covering all levels of domestic and international sport.

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We are looking for smart people with drive, we have open positions in research and data analysis.

Come help us make social media research better.

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